Established in 2019, Marketexteis is located in the north of Portugal (near Oporto), which is one of the best European textile production centres, and manufactures clothing for children, women and men.

Despite its age, Marketexteis is backed up by a wide experience of more than 20 years in the textile market and is able to manufacture and develop all types of clothing, according to its own and its customers’ high quality standards. 

All products are manufactured using a wide range of materials and compositions, tailored to the specifications requested by each client. The main purpose is to make quality, comfortable, innovative and reliable clothing in order to meet the customers’ expectations.

Currently Marketexteis is focused on exports and is positioned alongside the large textile companies that supply luxury and higher-end products.


Our Mission

We hold our promises, adding value so that we can permanently exceed our customers' expectations. We provide a service of excellence which is achieved thanks not only to innovative technical and technological solutions, but also to our workers' high level of professional competence and to the best partnerships.